Loving an Alien and Navigating the Immigration ProcessLoving an Alien and Navigating the Immigration Process

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Loving an Alien and Navigating the Immigration Process

True love knows no boundaries, right? Regardless of what country you or another person are from, you can fall in love with them. It's happened to me. However, falling in love is easy. It makes the boundaries between countries feel imaginary and meaningless. Unfortunately, before you can settle down and live together, you have to navigate the immigration process, and as a result, those boundaries and borders begin to feel more real. Wading through the immigration process can be confusing and even scary. I have made this blog to help you through it. It covers everything from obtaining temporary visas to choosing the best immigration lawyer. I hope this info helps you and your alien love establish your new life together.


You Encountered a Visa Refusal, Now What?

If you have applied for a visa and somewhere in the process you receive an email notifying you that your visa has been refused or denied, don't panic; an immigration attorney can help. Here's what you need to know about visa refusal and hurdles that you might encounter:  Why Did You Get a Visa Refusal Email? You are expected to meet various requirements when applying for a visa. If during processing it is found that you did not meet a particular requirement, a visa refusal email is sent. Read More