Loving an Alien and Navigating the Immigration ProcessLoving an Alien and Navigating the Immigration Process

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Loving an Alien and Navigating the Immigration Process

True love knows no boundaries, right? Regardless of what country you or another person are from, you can fall in love with them. It's happened to me. However, falling in love is easy. It makes the boundaries between countries feel imaginary and meaningless. Unfortunately, before you can settle down and live together, you have to navigate the immigration process, and as a result, those boundaries and borders begin to feel more real. Wading through the immigration process can be confusing and even scary. I have made this blog to help you through it. It covers everything from obtaining temporary visas to choosing the best immigration lawyer. I hope this info helps you and your alien love establish your new life together.


How to Avoid Rejection or Revocation of Your Visitor Visa

People intending to visit Australia for business or vacation must secure a visitor visa. One of the worst experiences is having your visitor visa rejected or revoked after application. In this excerpt, you will learn a few ways to prevent such occurrences.

The character test

The department of immigration will assess your character to ensure that you are a law-abiding citizen in your country and that you do not pose any threats to Australian citizens. As such, people considered to be members of organised gangs and people with criminal records are likely to have their applications rejected. The immigration department may also deny your request if they think that you have a questionable character. One of the best ways of passing the character test is providing a genuine police clearance certificate from your country. 

Submission of documents

Some people provide fake documents while applying for their visa. However, if the department finds out that you submitted false documents after processing your visitor visa, they will revoke the permit and ask you to vacate the country. You may have little grounds for appeal in such circumstances. Therefore, always submit genuine documents.

Provision of information

Avoid providing false information when applying for your visitor visa. Give correct information about the purpose of your visit, where you intend to stay and how long you plan to stay in Australia.

Apply for the right visa

If you intend to study or work in Australia, then do not apply for a tourist visa. You should consult with an immigration lawyer who will help you apply for the right kind of visa. For instance, if you plan to travel around the country and work during your stay, a holiday visa is ideal for you. 

Health requirements

The immigration department has strict rules regarding the health of people visiting Australia. Consequently, your application may be denied if you have a contagious disease. You may also need to submit immunisation records. 

Renewing your visa

If you intend to extend your stay, then you should renew your visa on time. If you stay in the country with an expired visa, the immigration department will have you deported. This could affect your immigration record, and subsequent visa applications could be rejected on grounds that you were illegally staying in the country.

To avoid having your visitor visa rejected or revoked, ensure that you pass the character test, submit genuine documents, provide accurate information, meet health requirements, apply for the right visa and renew your visa on time.