Loving an Alien and Navigating the Immigration ProcessLoving an Alien and Navigating the Immigration Process

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Loving an Alien and Navigating the Immigration Process

True love knows no boundaries, right? Regardless of what country you or another person are from, you can fall in love with them. It's happened to me. However, falling in love is easy. It makes the boundaries between countries feel imaginary and meaningless. Unfortunately, before you can settle down and live together, you have to navigate the immigration process, and as a result, those boundaries and borders begin to feel more real. Wading through the immigration process can be confusing and even scary. I have made this blog to help you through it. It covers everything from obtaining temporary visas to choosing the best immigration lawyer. I hope this info helps you and your alien love establish your new life together.


Role of Immigration Attorneys

Immigration lawyers are somewhat different from other types of lawyers. They don't normally spend majority of their time before judges handling disputes and siding clients. These lawyers are more of consultants that mediate foreigners to immigration authorities. So if you are a person who travels a lot, then you need to know when to ask for the services of such a lawyer. Here are some few scenarios these lawyers prove to be useful for immigrants.

During the Application Process

Immigration lawyers are particularly useful in the application process to gain entry into a country. If you have no idea on where to start, or you are required to submit documentation that you do not understand, then your best choice is to hire one of these lawyers. They are able to prevent delays because they fully understand the immigration law.

Crime Conviction

If you have a criminal record at any time in your past, then you need to disclose this information. You won't have to hire a criminal lawyer. Immigrant lawyers know how to handle such instances because they know where the overlap between immigration and criminal law is. Otherwise you may be unable to gain entry to the country.

Seeking an Employment Based Visa

If you've acquired an employment based visa and your employer is not helping with the immigration issues, then you need to get yourself an immigration lawyer. This is because processing such visas is a hefty process and these lawyers can ease the procedure. Your employers also need to fulfill their end of the bargain, be it housing requirements or your allowances and an immigration attorney is just what you need to put them in check.

Rejected Prior Application

If your application has been rejected before, then you shouldn't start the immigration procedure without the help of an immigration lawyer. This is because those past reasons may come back and trouble you so it's best to explain the situation to the lawyer. They will be able to tell exactly why your application was rejected and give you the best method to appeal the application.

Long Waiting

If you've completed your application process and find that you are waiting too long, then contact these lawyers. Immigrant attorneys are well aware of the deadlines and waiting times of the application process. This places them in a better position to rush the process and deal with any situation that may be hampering the process.

Immigration law can be quite complex for an ordinary person. Getting an immigration lawyer (at a firm like The Immigration Group Pty Ltd) from the start would help you sort out any arising issues and save you a lot of time and frustration.